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 11F, No.43 Bao Ann St. Taipei, Taiwan 103   Tel: 886-2-25533614;  Fax: 886-2-25533614   


          Since 1988, Wen Mei has been engaged with international business over 10  years.  We are well

 experienced with marketing in Taiwan and China, international distribution and trading business.  

From years' experience of international business, we have found out a simple Email /phone and fax 

contact or a visit at fair cannot build up the mutual business relationship between manufacturers and 

distributors. Solid understanding of local market and of local language, with deep knowledge of 

the industry development are essential to your business success.  You will need to investigate many 

distributors / supplies several times, to participate local channels development and competition etc.  

  What we can  do  

           Wen Mei Co.helps  with:  Joint  ventures, Contacings, sourcing  qualified suppliers, agents or 

distributors etc.  You can simplify international marketing works and greatly reduce your communication 

expenses during the start-up stages in China.  


Industries specialized: we are professional experienced in the industries of various packings, 

   PC accessorie/software commercial applications with custom service oriented.  


Sell to distribute: Marketing entry to China, Taiwan?   With regular checking with you, we will

   present your company offer to potential partners or distributors, build up your Chinese Website for

   the local marketing promotion.  That can be registered as representative in your company name, and 

   link to yours.  


Source:  Look for OEM/ODM factory with better cost?  If you have several items outsourced, 

   We help to assure quality and specification under your outsourcing strategy, i.e. locates the qualified 

   suppliers, negotiate better prices, send  the samples for your evaluation, until the 1st order delivery 

   or consolitate shipment then.


How we charge: paid only once when the the qualifed supplier or distribution partner located 

   and the order placed for shipment. After then, you may direct contact. We aim to benefit your prices 

   competitve, also hope to keep the business clean and open.                                                                


As always a great pleasure, we are at your disposal.                                                                                                  
   11F, No.43 Bao Ann St. Taipei, Taiwan 103   Tel: 886-2-25533614;  Fax: 886-2-25533614